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what is it with wiener fucktard scriptkiddie clickbotters?

why bother paying# for an applet to create proprietary archives of DVDs when there are plenty of perfectly good free programs that do a better job and create, oh, i dunno, commonly used archive types ...

[edit] .daa wtf!?*

why not .iso that everyone can use without having to burn images off to disc? i mean, fuck it, fucktard, fucknuckle. and you hid this fucking shame inside a rar file inside a zip file. *headdesk*

what's with kids these days?

i want my wasted dl quota back. [edit: i got the fucknuckle banned from two torrent sites - it's not the first time he/she/it failed to follow basic rules.]

# ok. they may have dled a cracked copy like i've just had to do, but it takes only a moment to ensure you're being good when you're trying to get rep. this kind of thing only hurts. *headdesk*##

## certainly if some other people get hold of the fucktard, they're gonna hurt. *headdesk*

* i had to go hunting for a cracked copy of "poweriso"** to find out the files are broken anyway ... *headdesk* *selects favourite blunt spoon*

** as inaccurately named as they could manage ... i does do iso, but the kiddies all use it for dda - because it claims to have special features' - i think that's special as in "you're special" *headdesk*
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consequent upon [ profile] reverancepavane and [ profile] molokov_au

  • List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre,whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now.
  • Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your seven songs.
  • Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.
i can't say i'm into any particular seven songs right now, but the seven most played music tracks from my ipod at the moment are:

What You Waiting For Gwen Stefani Love Angel Music Baby 3:41
Friday Night Lily Allen Allright Still 3:08
Doctor? Orbital Doctor Who (Theme Variations) 5:28
Dancing lasha tumbai Verka Serduchka (Ukraine) Eurovision Song Contest 2007 3:00
Lovesong Amiel Audio Out 3:31
Balls Out The Bloodhound Gang Hefty Fine (Advance) 4:19
Push the button Teapacks (Israel) Eurovision Song Contest 2007 3:01

now that we're all more enlightened ... we can move on ...
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i'm no longer as bad as this ...

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but i do need to remember, if she actually talks to me, i ought to ask for her name ...

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and i remember that...

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at least i don't do this ...

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maelorin -- [adjective]: Sexually stunning

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

though if the obit below is to turn out, there's hope for me yet :P
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For those of you who are curious enough (or crazy enough) to be interested in what i'm proposing to do for my PhD, this is the (PowerPoint) outline (transformed into html) that i kind of, sort of, presented yesterday. (Tired, brainfucked Aspie in room lit entirely by bad fluorescent lighting is not a good recipe for coherence. Having put it all together the night before because all previous opportunities were absorbed by the afore-bitched about computer 'support' and family disasters did not help. Preparation matters.)

Anyway: beware! there be pirates beyond this point! )
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from time to time, i thought it might be cool to have superpowers. of course, i'd use them for awesome. that's a given. very occasionally, i'd wonder why the bad guys never won - despite all their apparent advantages. the schoolyard bullies and their cronies were never defeated by 'doing right', or 'being the best me' ...

i lost my faith in superheroes, and their superpowers. they never did come to my rescue, nor did i ever acquire powers beyond the ordinary. for a while i wondered if my power was being ordinary - practically invisible (unlike the invisible kid, who could actually become invisible - so long as no one was watching).

i turned away from the follies of the guys in spandex and steel, and found refuge in science fiction and tolkien. later i rediscovered batman, my original friend-in-a-mask. but by then, it was all cool toys, and bemusement that no one could pick the voice or anything else about him. we'll pass over superman. his friends were seriously blinded by the big s and the underwear-on-the-outside. superheroes live in a world as blind and self-absorbed as our own - only there it's all on the outside (at least for the reader).

superpowers seem to be all you needed in superhero worlds to rise above the ordinary. to become all you could be - hero or villain. in the real world™, you had to be lucky, work hard, or both.

in movies, and in comics, superheroes are fragile - their emotions are their weaknesses. but somehow also their strengths. and they always manage to work things out® ... no matter how dumb-arsed they'd been. oh to have a writer - a good writer mind you - penning my story. where's neil gaiman or warren ellis when you need them?

spiderman 3: everyone cries.
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am's is a paid account again.

and added more icons for edification and so forth.
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1. Put your music player on shuffle/random
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

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